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YouTube Pride video featuring LGBT celebs gets bombarded with negative comments

The video, which features Adam Rippon and Janelle Monae, currently has more dislikes than likes

By Fabio Crispim

A YouTube video celebrating Pride month has been bombarded with negative and hateful comments.

The video, titled #ProudToCreate, features LGBT celebrities including Winter Olympian Adam Rippon, singer Janelle Monae, social media star Tyler Oakley as well as singers Hayley Kiyoko and Mykki Blanco.

While the video celebrates sexuality and Pride month, many of the comments call the video “trash” as homophobic users targeted the video with hate.

One person wrote: “I lost brain cells watching this rubbish” while others wrote: “We’ve failed as a species” and “You shouldn’t be proud of your sexuality. It’s not an accomplishment.”

Another viewer wrote: “Proud to create what? More AIDS?”

The video, uploaded by YouTube Spotlight, currently has over 1,000,000 views along with 43K likes and 112 dislikes at the time of writing.

Some users hit back at haters, with one person writing: “What’s up with all the dislikes? Damn, just let the queer people have their day/month to themselves and move tf on. If ya actively clicking on this video just to hate on them, then that says more about you then them.”

They continued: “Y’all need to chill, this is a free world. Willpower triumphs over all law and societal rules. When tf are y’all gonna understand that?”

Another viewer wrote: “You forget how homophobic the world is even in 2018.”

Other comments slammed and accused the website of running the video while demonetising LGBT creators and featuring anti-LGBT ads.

One viewer wrote: “Don’t act like you guys actually care about the LGBT+ community. You literally demonetise (or have in the recent past) LGBT+ content on YouTube.” 

Another comment read: “If you want to elevate the queer community, maybe stop demonetising their videos and/or advertising homophobic organisations on said videos? Practice what you preach.” 

You can watch the Pride video below: