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Woman who tried burning down a LGBT centre convinced Oprah Winfrey told her to do it

By Darren Mew

On Saturday night at the Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, a homeless woman tried to burn the building down.

21-year-old Grewndolyn Glancey was arrested after trying to set a fire in the LGBT centre.

According to KTNV it was the LGBT centre’s movie night, no one was in the lobby of the building other than Glancey who set fire to three books.

Glancey was caught by security who saw her on CCTV and then saw her outside the building.

A security office then took her into custody where she reportedly claimed that Oprah told her to light the books on fire as “They needed to pay for their sins.”

She was arrested for arson and then transported to Clark County Detention Center.

Andre Wade who is the centre’s operations manager said to Las Vegas News: “It was someone we’ve dealt with before who had been 86’ed.

“It was in this area and she went off into the corner and you couldn’t see her for a while but you could see activity, and eventually when she left you could see smoke billowing out.

“It’s perhaps some mental health issues that may have gone unaddressed but it’s really a statement that the resources that we need in this community to make sure that people have the help that they need.”