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Why we decided to create an LGBT range of greeting cards

By Attitude Magazine

We have been creating inspirational greetings cards for over 25 years.

We have seen a lot of trends come and go during that time but there is one thing that never goes out of fashion, which is the desire to tell the special people in our lives, how much they mean to us.

As a company we have always included in our portfolio a selection of cards with design and verse which we hoped would be suitable for all, regardless of gender, however, as a direct to retail publisher we never actually got to know the end buyer of our product.

SS90-201 Insert copy

With the launch of our public website we noticed that many of our titles such as With Love to the Special Lady in my Life and With Love to the Special Man who shares my Life, were being purchased by the same gender as the recipient.

We had a few words with our friends and family in the LGBT community and asked them what kind of cards they would normally look for, the answers were mostly the same “there is very little choice in the market place of tasteful cards specifically designed for LGBT customers”

Layout 1


So here we are several months later excitedly and proud showing off our new range.

We are hoping that people will be kind enough to take a look, even if they are not presently searching for a card and let us know what they think so that our future creations will be even better.

Ways to leave your feedback, comments or suggestions…

Twitter: @CardsWords
Facebook: Loving Words Greeting Cards
Instagram: MELT_A_HEART
Tumblr: lovingwordscards
Google ‘loving words greeting cards’ and leave a review!

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