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Vladimir Putin: gay rights in Russia means no more children

By Attitude Magazine

According to claims made in a new book, Russian President Vladimir Putin president said that improving gay rights in his country would mean Russia “would not have enough children” to ensure its future. It’s reported that Putin made the comments in a personal debate with Prime Minister David Cameron, when confronted on the issue of gay rights in Russia.

Cameron has been determined for Putin to consider the legislation of same-sex marriage, noting a candid conversation in the “middle of the night” at the G20 event in 2013 that ended in a ‘bickerfest’ about gay rights.


While Cameron has chosen to leave the conversation a mystery – a new biography, ‘Cameron at 10’ by Anthony Seldon and Peter Snowdon, looks further into the bizarre meeting of political minds.

The book, cited by the Mail, states: “Cameron is riding a high horse, using arguments fresh from his jousting on gay marriage back home, while Putin argues that Russia’s future demography will have problems if gay people are allowed to marry each other, and that the country will not have enough children to secure its future.”

In the conversation, Putin revealed he feels the ‘West has humiliated’ him for 10 years and that while relations seem warm between the pair, “neither likes being lectured by each other” on the topic. Their opinions differ dramatically – “at times they seem to be enjoying it, at times they seem angry.”

“Aides on both sides just wish they’d shut up so they can all go to bed, amazed that they are still talking so late into the night in the midst of such an important international event.”

It appears both leaders are moving closer towards a mutual understanding, but Putin remains firm on his stance on same-sex marriage.

Humiliated by the West? Never…