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Tom Ford waited until 50 to become a dad because of his “bad drinking problem”

By Josh Lee

Fashion designer Tom Ford has revealed that he waited until he’d kicked his drinking problem before having kids.

Ford, 55 and husband Richard Buckley are fathers to four-year-old Jack. Ford, who was featured on 2016’s Out100 opened up about his fears of having children before he’d addressed his drinking.

“I couldn’t have had Jack in that (drinking) state — I’d have dropped him down the stairs and accidentally burned him with a cigarette,” he said.

While there are benefits to starting a family with a more mature head on your shoulders, Ford admits that becoming a dad in your 50s comes with its own struggles: “I hurt my back,” he explained.

“Jack’s heavy now. You realise why most people have their kids when they’re in their 20s or 30s.”

Ford was named Artists of the Year by Out in this year’s Out100 list.