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‘They are wonderful people’ – Bristol Bisons stop openly gay player from being deported

Kenneth Macharia was almost sent back to Kenya after the Home Office claimed the country was safe for LGBT people

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A decision to deport a rugby player has been prevented after his teammates set up a campaign.

The Bristol Bisons – a gay and inclusive rugby team in Somerset – fought save teammate Kenneth ‘Ken’ Macharia from being deported despite having been in the UK since 2009 and worked through his visa.

A page was set up and has received nearly 19,000 signatures but now, ITV have reported that the campaign to stop Ken – who feared he would be persecuted if he was deported back to Kenya due to his sexuality – from being deported has been successful.

While speaking to ITV News, Ken said: “I am deeply indebted to them. I’m extremely grateful. They are wonderful people.

“I am surprised they went into all this effort for me. I’m blushing right now. I would like to stay because I want to have a normal love life, I want to have a normal life, and I do not want to be forced to hide who I am.”