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‘The Voice’s Jordan Gray subjected to transphobic abuse after kissing girlfriend in public

By Will Stroude

Jordan Gray, who made it to the semi-finals of this year’s The Voice was the victim of transphobic taunting on Monday (August 22).

According to reports, Jordan, who has previously spoken about experiencing transphobic bullying, was with her girlfriend in Stockwood Park, Luton. As the pair kissed, a man interrupted them and told them not to kiss in front of his children.

Speaking to Gay Star News, Jordan’s recounted how her girlfriend challenged the man’s request: “My girlfriend, who is very protective, asked what was wrong with that? Surely you would want your children to see love and seeing people happy.

“He was not happy with that. He then turned to me and kept asking, ‘You’re a tr*nny, are you a tr*nny?’ I very calmly told him that’s not a word you use. I said it as diplomatically as possible. And then when he said it again, I said I would call the police.”

He didn’t stop, so she called the police, at which point, he left with his children – not before Jordan managed to take a photograph of his license plate, which has been given in a police report.

“It hurts and that’s not an exaggeration,” she said.

“He was completely sincere in his beliefs, and what he believed is completely counter to my existence. It hurt my core.

“Times are changing, and reporting hate crime is important. A lot of LGBTI people, if something happens it’s often the case that many people feel like they deserve it. But they don’t, you need to feel self-worth and not let it get drummed out of you.”

The Government recently unveiled plans to help alleviate some of the inequalities that trans people face in the UK, including access to healthcare and bullying – click here to find out more.

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