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The Queen infected with HIV in Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film

By Nick Bond

Queen Elizabeth is infected with HIV in a scene in Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming comedy film Grimsby.

The shocking news comes in a report in today’s edition of The Sun about the film, out next March, which stars Cohen as an English football hooligan.


The paper reports that the Queen is is infected with HIV “when a child with the virus is assassinated – and splatters her with blood.”

“Nothing should surprise you with Sacha’s comedy,” a movie source is quoted as telling the newspaper.

“But the scene with the Queen is quite bleak. It’s more gruesome than anything he has done before. No decision has been made on whether it will make the final cut, but if it does it will inevitably cause a lot of outrage.”

Cohen’s previous hit comedies Borat, Bruno and The Dictator have all courted their fair share of controversy – but has he gone too far this time?