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Television presenter comes out as gay during live broadcast

Television presenter Luis Sandoval came out on live television this week during a segment about National Coming Out Day.

By Fabio Crispim

Univision television presenter Luis Sandoval came out as gay during a live broadcast.

Sandoval, 34, came out as gay on Univision’s morning television show Despierta America on October 11 during a segment about National Coming Out Day. 

Speaking to viewers, Sandoval said: “I am a full person, a respected person. I do not live in the closet, my family knows it.”

Then, speaking through tears, he added: “I have a partner that I am happy with and if I cry it is because this moment is very emotional for me.”

The Mexican news reporter, who lives in Los Angeles, decided to come out after hearing the story of nine-year-old Jamel Myles who committed suicide in August because he was being bullied over his sexuality. 

Speaking about Myles’ mother’s public response, Sandoval said: “Imagine a mother’s pain, losing your nine-year-old son and then I started to see people criticising the lady, ‘this is your fault, you exposed your son to these things, you deserve it.'”

Later on, Sandoval told co-hosts Karla Martinez and Ismael Cala that his mother, Leonila Vallejo, had helped him come to terms with his sexuality.

Sandoval revealed he had spoken to her about coming out on live television and explained that she had supported him. The two co-hosts then surprised Sandoval by bringing his mother onstage before stating that he hopes his coming out would inspire others. 

He said: “I felt that I needed to come [out] to talk with more people who feel trapped, who do not know what is happening to them.”