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Student jailed for two years after blackmailing men on Grindr

Mohamed Mohamed was studying health studies before being jailed

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A student has been jailed for two years after blackmailing victims on Grindr.

Mohamed Mohamed, 22, befriended men on the hook-up app and eventually they sent through nude images, Leicester Crown Court heard.

After receiving the images, he demanded two victims to ‘pay up’ or he would publish the private pictures to others known to them and even threatened to expose one man to his husband.

Mohamed admitted to two counts of blackmail, by demanding money with menaces, and one of sending a communication with intent to cause distress and anxiety.

Recorder Helen Malcolm QC  said: “Blackmail is a vile offence intended to exploit the vulnerabilities of the victims.

“Your messages disclose elements of sadism and power play. It doesn’t seem to have been done out of financial need.

“You sent repeated messages with which appear to be indicating the power you had over the recipients.

“You went to the trouble of opening a Pay Pal account in the name of (a woman).

“You tried to excuse your behaviour by blackening the name of two of the victims.

“If it was as a result of coming to terms with your sexuality you went about it in the wrong way.

“The victims in your case must have felt thoroughly threatened.

“You threatened to disclose the material to their family, friends, flatmates, employers and the husband of one of them.

“I’m impressed with the fortitude of the complainants for reporting these matters to the police.”

The health studies student was jailed for two years and his mobile phone was confiscated.