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Stonewall calls on parties to make LGBT+ rights a priority in general election manifesto

By Ross Semple

Stonewall have launched an election manifesto calling on the government to make LGBT+ rights a priority.

The LGBT+ charity urges the new government to: change the law on LGBT hate crimes so they are treated in the same way as crimes motivated by race and faith, ensure new guidance for relationship and sex education in all schools is LGBT inclusive and improve Gender Identity Services to ensure they are fully equipped to meet the needs of all trans people and are accessible to everyone who needs them.

With regard to Brexit, Stonewall had urged the next government to take steps to safeguard LGBT rights after the UK leaves the European Union, in particular keeping the Human Rights Act.

According to Stonewall research, more than half of lesbian, gay, bi and trans young people are bullied at school, two in five trans people have been physically intimidated, and millions of LGBT people around the world face violence and persecution.

Stonewall write that they are seeking commitments from all parties and all candidates to help achieve true equality. The group is non-partisan and so do not support any one party.

“If you care about LGBT rights, you need to make sure that candidates know they need to commit to equality to win your vote,” says Stonewall’s Chief Executive Ruth Hunt. “On 8 June, we’re voting for the society we want to live in. Of course, there are issues that divide opinions but during the debates over the next couple of weeks, we must keep LGBT equality firmly on the agenda.

Ruth advises LGBT+ voters to “talk to candidates in your constituency about LGBT equality, make sure they understand the issues affecting the community here and abroad.

She continues: “Over the past two years we’ve seen seismic shifts in the political landscape both here and around the world. If that shows us anything, it’s that we can’t take the progress we have made for granted.

“We need to join our voice with thousands of others over the coming weeks, to press for a world where everyone is accepted without exception.”

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