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So it turns out Grindr is making people unhappy

The gay dating app has topped the list of 'unhappy' apps

By Fabio Crispim

Grindr is making people unhappy, a new survey has found. 

Time Well Spent surveyed 200,000 iPhone users about their app usage, and asked whether individual apps made them happy or not.

Meditation, music and podcast apps made people feel happier, while gaming, dating and social apps made the ‘unhappy’ list. 

According to the report, gay dating app Grindr topped the unhappy list as 77% of users reported feeling regret after using the app.

Time Well Spent claims that the time users spend on the app is what’s causing unhappiness.

They said: “On average, comparing between ‘Happy’ and ‘Unhappy’ amounts of usage of the same apps, their ‘unhappy’ amount is 2.4 times the amount of ‘happy time.'” 

The survey revealed that people who used Facebook for over 20 minutes a day were happy with the experience, while those who used the app for over 50 minutes were left feeling unhappy.

Respondents who claimed Grindr made them feel unhappy reportedly used the app for an hour or more a day.

Other apps that made people feel unhappy include Candy Crush Saga (71%), Facebook (64%), Reddit (58%) and Instagram (51%).