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Skittles stand promoting Pride vandalised with homophobic slur

The police are investigating the case as a hate crime

By Steve Brown

A stand promoting Pride has been vandalised with a homophobic slur.

The Skittles stand in Lurgan Tesco, Belfast, was targeted on Saturday – the same day as Pride in London – where someone wrote: “Gay shame”.

To celebrate Pride, the sweet brand – which is renowned for its multi-colours – strips away the rainbow colours and instead black-and-white packets are sold.

On the Facebook page for PSNI Craigavon, they wrote: “These ugly sentiments have no place in society.

“We were made aware of this hate crime yesterday in Lurgan whilst dealing with an unrelated incident.

“To highlight the mindset of the people who still push these views, the suspect chose a shop with some of the best CCTV in the country. We’ll be having a chat soon.

“Hate crime of any form has no place in society. Respect and tolerance are the very least that should be afforded to a fellow human being.

“If you see hate crime, speak up. Inaction breeds further action. To say nothing is to support it.”