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Senegalese journalist jailed for ‘acts of homosexuality’

By Attitude Magazine

Senegalese courts have jailed a journalist for six months for engaging in “homosexual acts”, which are illegal in the West African country.

Tasmir Jupiter Ndaiye, a well-known magazine columnist, was arrested in June after an underage man accused him of attempted rape during the Muslim religious month of Ramadan.


Chased by an angry mob, Ndaiye took refuge in a local Dakar police station.

During his trial, Ndaiye told the judge his accusers wanted to destroy him.

“I have other things to do than flirt with a child. These accusations have shocked me,” he said.

He was cleared of two other charges of driving under the influence and kidnapping a minor.

Ndaiye was previously sentenced to four years jail in 2012 for homosexual acts, and for illegal possession of arms and battery, but was given a reduced prison term of two years and released on parole in 2013.

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in more than two thirds of African countries. Homosexual acts are illegal in Senegal and punishable by up to five years prison and fines of up to $2,500 (£1600).

Last week, US President Barack Obama promised not to shy away from the issue of gay rights as he prepared to embark on a four-day tour of the continent.

“Well, [some African governments] are not ideal institutions. But what we found is, is that when we combined blunt talk with engagement, that gives us the best opportunity to influence and open up space for civil society,” he said.