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Screen legend Doris Day celebrates her 92nd birthday

By Ben Kelly

Movie legend Doris Day has shared a photograph of herself and her dog to mark her 92nd birthday today.

Speaking exclusively to People magazine, the actress said: “Age is just a number. How you feel and live your life is more important.”

Day is also using the day to encourage fans to support her dog charity.

The official Doris Day Animal Foundation page on Facebook wrote: “Please know Doris’ biggest birthday wish is that every 4-legger have a warm bed, plenty to eat, and lots of love. Hug your babies for her! The best way for you to participate in the birthday joy is to sign Doris’ card and then make a donation, no matter the size, in her honor.”


Doris Day is one of the Hollywood greats, famed for playing pure and wholesome female leads, although she is probably best remembered for her tomboy turn in Calamity Jane. In 198 she was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in motion pictures.

She is often considered to be a gay icon, having been lifelong friends with her Pillow Talk co-star Rock Hudson. She continues to enjoy a strong following within the community.

doris day4

Fans can donate to the Animal Foundation on its official website.

Happy Birthday Doris!

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