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Russian health experts blame condoms for the rise of HIV

By Umar Sarwar

Russian health experts have claimed from a study that condoms are the reason for rise of HIV cases.

According to Gay Star News, the Russian Institute for Strategic Research (RISS) made the claims while presenting their study at the Moscow City Council.

Co-author of the study, Igor Beloborodov said that: “The contraceptive industry is interested in selling their products and encouraging under-aged people to engage in sex.”

Beloborodov adds that the best way to prevent the spread of HIV is to be in a “heterosexual family where both partners are loyal to each other.”

The study blamed promiscuity and homosexuality for the rise of the infection and insisted that the western model of fighting HIV and AIDS would not work in Russia because it targets “drug addicts and LGBT people”.

However, the study was criticised particularly by Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the Federal Centre for Fighting AIDS, who explained that the country needed to focus more on contraceptives otherwise HIV will continue to spread.

Pokrovsky also explained how the number of reported HIV cases have almost doubled within the last year.

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