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Primary schoolboy upset after peers write homophobic and racist comments in leavers’ book

Some of the messages included 'bye bye Asian gay monkey boy'

By Steve Brown

A primary schoolboy has been left upset after his peers wrote homophobic and racist messages in his leavers’ book.

The insults, which included ‘bye bye Asian gay monkey boy’, were written in Dylan Lynch’s classmates as he was leaving the Garlinge Primary School in Kent, according to Kent Live.

His father, Shaun Lynch, reported the messages to Kent Police and also complained that the school didn’t responded effectively when his son was bullied in the past.

Shaun said: “It’s been a problem for the last two years. Dylan was previously attacked by about 10 boys two years above him. But the school did nothing.

“All the children had an autograph book for the end of year. Dylan came home yesterday, and he had about 13 offensive messages scrawled all over his leavers’ book.

“As far as I see it, the school are prepared to let the kids go. As soon as it’s 3.15pm this afternoon, it’s not their problem anymore.”

Other of the hateful notes read: “monkey boy ears” and “no one likes you. Sorry I did not learn gorilla language and we didn’t communicate”.

Although Dylan is white, his father said the messages have been reported as a hate crime.

He added: “My son is a white British male, but it’s been reported to the police as malicious communications and a hate crime.

“In my eyes, it’s highly offensive. My granddad is Irish, and we have fairly pronounced ears, so I’m assuming that’s where it is coming from.”

Kent Police have confirmed that enquiries into the incidents are ongoing.