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Police force called ‘laughing stock’ after flying Pride flag outside headquarters

Leicestershire Police LGBT+ Network have been flying a different flag each week for LGBT History Month

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Leicestershire Police have been called a ‘laughing stock’ after flying the Pride flag outside its headquarters.

For each week of LGBT History Month, the police force have raised a flag for members of the LGBTQ community and over the weekend, the transgender flag was flown.

Posting an image on Twitter, the Leicestershire Police LGBT+ Network wrote: “A miserable day with #StormDennis but @leicspolice have proudly flown our trans flag from Police Headquarters for week 2 of #LGBTHistoryMonth.

“What flag are we flying next week!?!? Two more weeks of #LGBTHM2020 & we’ve got more to our campaign & hosting an event at HQ.”

Despite showing support for the LGBTQ community, the tweet received hundreds of responses on social media criticising the force for being ‘too political’ and said raising the flag was a ‘waste of police time’.

One user said the force should be flying the Union Jack flag rather than the Pride flag and one even mocked them and called them a ‘laughing stock’.

Another said: “You lot have lost the plot. Start doing some work patrol the streets.”

One added: “Why would they tackle knife crime, gang related or drug issues, when they could be scoring woke points in the comfort of a nice warm office?”

Writing in response to the negative comments, the police said: “Sadly there are many negative comments on this thread, this tweet was not about being political, it’s about showing support for LGBT+ History month.

“It’s about informing & celebrating, it’s about educating out prejudice & making LGBT+ people visible in all their rich diversity.”