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Piers Morgan slammed for transphobic comments on ‘Good Morning Britain’

The journalist argued that transgender girls should not be allowed to join girl guides unless 'fully woman'

By Steve Brown

Piers Morgan has been slammed for transphobic comments on Good Morning Britain.

The journalist isn’t afraid of expressing his views and opinions – as controversial as they might be – and he has caused outrage among the LGBT community today (September 25) after discussing whether transgender girls should be allowed to join girl guides.

Transgender activist Susie Green – from Mermaids a charity who support children and families to achieve happiness – appeared on the ITV breakfast show following the news that two guide leaders who opposed a new policy on transgender girls due to safety concerns were expelled and the units closed down.

During the debate, Green argued that: “Girl Guides is about allowing children to be children. Trans girls should be allowed to take part in the same way as everyone else.”

However, Morgan said: “I think if a transgender girl who still has male genitals, shouldn’t be with girl guides until fully woman.”

His comments have caused outrage with many people taking to Twitter to hit back at his comments.

One wrote: “Every time I watch Good Morning Britain I want to slap some sense into Piers Morgan. He is so transphobic and bigoted.”

And another dubbed his comments “disgusting” while writing: “Watching good morning Britain and hearing comparisons between a rapist and trans child that disgusting”

Another wrote: “Mothers are on @GMB talking about transgender children in the girl guides with varied opinions and @piersmorgan links the conversation to ‘Rapists’. Whilst I’m usually appreciative of his Devil’s Advocacy… I think that’s too far. #gmb”

On the Girl Guides official Twitter account, a statement was published explaining that the organisation is welcome to all girls, including transgender girls.