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PICS | Attitude’s World AIDS Day kissing booth

By Cliff Joannou

Attitude teamed-up with the UK’s coolest club collective Sink The Pink yesterday to help the National AIDS Trust fight the stigma around HIV on World AIDS Day.

The ReThink HIV campaign aims to address the myths and scaremongering around the virus, as recent NAT research shows 16% of people wrongly think you can get HIV from kissing, up from 4% ten years ago.

NAT Kissing Booth - 1Dec15

So, what better way to tackle this than with a gaggle of drag queens, a Red Hot hunk and a loud and proud Kissing Booth in Soho Square, slap bang in the middle of gay London. Passers-by were corralled by Sink The Pink’s GlynFamous and Amy Zing to pucker-up for pash with one of their colourful crew of drag starlets and Red Hot model Alex Mountain, in exchange for a donation to the charity.

NAT Kissing Booth -6

Photoboothy bought along their Live Instagram Printer and set the hashtag as #SohoBooth so anyone that posted the image of their kiss to Instagram with the hashtag received an automatic Polaroid print-out of their photos.

NAT Kissing Booth - 1Dec15

Money was raised, snogs were served, the sun came out and plenty of smiles were seen leaving Soho Square after a rather novel afternoon of World AIDS Day awareness and fundraising. Huge thanks to everyone who donated their time and talent to a worthy cause.


NAT Kissing Booth - 1Dec15

Check out some more Photoboothy snaps from the day:


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