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Petition launched to demand Theresa May apologises for UK’s anti-gay legacy

It has been created ahead of the annual Commonwealth world leader meeting

By Steve Brown

A petition has been launched to ask the Prime Minister Theresa May to apologise for the UK’s anti-gay legacy.

Currently in the Commonwealth there are 37 countries where it is still illegal to be gay and the petition claims these beliefs come from old British colonial laws which have never been replaced.

In anticipation for all the heads of the Commonwealth country are on their way to the UK capital for their annual meeting, the petition is urging the PM to apologise for the country’s old homophobic beliefs.

The petition reads: “In 37 countries in the Commonwealth, you can still be thrown in jail for being gay. And where do most of these convictions come from? Old British colonial laws that have never been replaced.

“The heads of government of EVERY SINGLE Commonwealth country are on their way to London for their high-level biennial meeting.

“Sign and ask the British Prime Minister to apologise for the UK’s anti-gay legacy.”

The petition was set up by African Rainbow Family, Diversity Network Tonga, EQUAL GROUND Sri Lanka, Kaleidoscope Human Rights Foundation Australia, Leitis Association and the Pacific Sexual Gender, NAZ Pakistan, Oohachaga Singapore and Out-Right Namibia.

As well as Sexual Minorities Uganda, Spectrum Uganda Initiatives, UK Black Pride, United Belize Advocacy Movement and Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative.

The petition goes on to say that the “false story” of homosexuality should be “stamped out”.

It reads: “For each country with an anti-gay law there are lives on the line. A lesbian in Sri Lanka who can’t go to the police when she’s attacked.

“A gay man in Nigeria behind bars for being who he is. A gay man in Singapore who fears reporting theft and sexual assault, because he’s worried about being charged with ‘gross indecency’.

“All over the Commonwealth, anti-gay persecution and violence force people to flee their homes and seek asylum.

“Many Commonwealth leaders exploit a false story that homosexuality is a ‘Western import’ and should therefore be stamped out – but now, we have a major chance to put the record straight.

“If thousands of us push the UK Prime Minister to apologise for the anti-gay laws the British once imposed, we can expose the reality – that it is not homosexuality, but homophobic laws that are a ‘Western import’.

“Sign the petition and ask the British Prime Minister to apologise for the UK’s anti-gay legacy. [sic]”

To sign the petition visit here.