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Paul O’Grady: I’ll leave the country if Cameron wins election

By Ben Kelly

The TV host Paul O’Grady has said he’ll leave Britain if the Conservatives get back into government following this Thursday’s general election.


Speaking at a rally in London, which was also saw actor Matthew Horne speaking, O’Grady said, “I can’t live under this bloody government any more. I am going to get a house on the Lido in Venice. I have paid a fortune in tax and I will say ‘you can have that mate’.”

As someone who has long spoken out against Cameron’s government, O’Grady went on to say, “What I am going to do in a house on the Lido in Venice when I can’t speak Italian and hate pasta, God only knows. But I can’t live under this Conservative government, this coalition. That is why we have to vote Labour, we have to get Ed in, we have to make changes.”

O’Grady joins celebrities like Robbie O’Sullivan and Delia Smith, who have also declared their support for Labour this week.