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Pastor slams classic kids’ TV show Rainbow for its gay agenda

By Troy Nankervis

A London priest has claimed the beloved kids’ TV series Rainbow was actually pushing a gay propaganda message throughout its 20 years on air.

Evangelical London pastor Daniel Erickson-Hull has published an online video in which he accuses popular 1970s children’s show Rainbow of harbouring plans to “homosexualise the world,” writes Pink News.

Created by Pamela Lonsdale, Rainbow was screened on ITV during the lunchtime hour, and lasted some 23 seasons from 1972 until production ceased in 1992.

In his video, Erickson-Hull, who also goes by the alias “Pastor D” criticised the show’s theme tune, which included lyrics “up above the streets and houses, rainbow climbing high”.

“Is this supposed to be the rainbow infiltrating the bible?” he asks.

“Perhaps there is nothing in this, a coincidence? But it seemed worth raising as a possibility.”

“Paint the whole world with a RAINBOW?”

Erickson-Hull has previously spoken out against the “abomination” of gay marriage.

The video also follows comments made by the pastor several weeks ago, who came to defence of his sister Anna Erickson-Hull, when’s Anna’s six-form daughter spoke out in protest of a planned LGBT awareness week at her school.

Taking offence at the school’s plans, she took to take Facebook to vent her fury about the “abomination”, with Daniel later posting a video, calling out the school for pushing a “transgender bender agenda”.

Watch the video below: