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Panti Bliss: ‘It’s brave for someone in Leo Varadkar’s position to come out’

By Josh Haggis

Drag queen Panti Bliss has commended Irish Health Minister Leo Varadkar for coming out as gay.

Varadkar came out publicly during a radio interview this morning (January 18), where he explained that he made the decision so people won’t think he has a hidden agenda when he campaigns for the government’s upcoming referendum in support of gay marriage, which is due to be held in May. Find out more here.


“He has an open invitation to come to Panti Bar. And I hope now that it’s all out in the open fully, he’ll feel more comfortable being able to go and have a drink in a gay bar,” said the Attitude Award winner at  Marriage Equality Ireland’s ‘Share The Love’ event today.

“There’s some bravery involved because to be in his position, he knows everyone is going to focus on him for a few days. My hope is that all the Leos in the world can come out when they’re 20, and by the time you become Minister for Health everyone already knows and it doesn’t matter,” she added.

Meanwhile, Colin Farrell recently wrote an emotional open letter asking his countrymen to vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum, saying that it was “insane” that his gay brother was forced to leave the country in order to marry his partner – read his letter in full here.

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