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Over half of all LGBT people are bisexual or queer, new poll finds

The study found that only 32% of LGBT Americans identify as gay

By Fabio Crispim

A new poll has discovered that most LGBT people in America identify as bisexual or queer. 

The study, conducted by Whitman Insight Strategies in collaboration with Buzzfeed News, asked 880 LGBT Americans over 100 questions on gender, sex, discrimination, politics and family.

Results revealed that only 32% of LGBT Americans identify as gay, and only 16% identify as lesbians. Around 51% of respondents didn’t define themselves as gay or lesbian.

Instead, 46% identified as bisexual, 5% identified as queer or self-describe and 2% identified as straight or asexual.

In addition, the poll discovered that respondents who identified as bisexual were more likely to be women, younger and nonwhite.

Meanwhile, 55% of the respondents who identified as queer are between the ages of 18 and 29 and are either female (39%), genderqueer/nonbinary (31%), agender (11%) or prefer to self-describe (9%). 

The poll also quizzed respondents on marriage and discovered that 14% of respondents don’t want to get married. However, 18% are said they are “definitely” going to get married, 21% would like to get married and 22% are already married.

Results also revealed that almost half of the respondents do not want children and that over half of them are “very” or “somewhat” Liberal. 

You can read the full report over on