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Only two people went to the Dallas Straight Pride parade… and not even the organiser attended

The pathetic attempt of an event comes after the Boston Straight Pride parade

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Only two people attended the Dallas Straight Pride parade and the organiser failed to show.

The far-right group, Super Happy Fun America, previously organised the Boston Straight Pride back in August – which was slammed by Captain America star Chris Evans.

And over the weekend, the city of Dallas faced their own ridiculous Straight Pride parade and it is a truly hilarious story.

According to Dallas Voice, just two people showed up for the event, both of whom were from out of town.

One of the men claimed he had been kicked out of his home and fired from his job all because he is straight… sure Jan!

Teresa Stephens Richenberger – who is part of the group Protecting Our Next Generation – has been named the organiser of Dallas Straight Pride.

However and hilariously, Richenberger failed to attend.

According to the event listing on Facebook, they were expecting more than 300 people to attend but it appears their plans rightfully failed.

The Facebook post reads: “We are hosting a March to bring awareness to the fact that we as the American people are allowing our values and morals to be compromised! 

“We need to stand up and stop this from happening!!!” the event listing reads.

“We are strong conservative Christians who are standing up for our Biblical values.

“We will be discussing: Sex/Human Trafficking, Legalized Prostitution, Marriage values (One man and one woman), Abortion (It is murder), Genders (There are only two; XX as female and XY as male), Ploys of the RADICAL left wing LGBTQ groups trying to shut down our businesses and churches, Drag Queen Story Times (Stop pushing this onto our children).”