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Nike features transgender athlete in an advert for the first time ever – WATCH

By Will Stroude

Triathlete Chris Mosier made history when he became the first openly trans athlete to make the US men’s Olympic team.

Now, he’s breaking more new ground, by becoming the first trans person to star in an advert for Nike, having recently become the first trans person to strip off for ESPN’s annual Body Issue.

In a statement to OutSports, Mosier said: “Everything that I’ve done in the last five, six years since I started to transition, has been with [a] ‘Just Do It’ mindset.

“I didn’t know if I would be competitive against men; I just did it. Every success that I’ve had since then has shown me that anything is really possible. By not stopping myself, not limiting myself and just really going for it, I’ve learned a lot about myself and also had the opportunity to further the conversation on trans inclusion in sports.”

Meanwhile, former Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner became the first trans woman to star in an advert for fashion brand H&M, in a video that explores her life’s biggest achievements.

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