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New Zealand radio host accidentally outed live on air by co-host

"This is as bad as I've ever felt"

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A radio host in New Zealand was accidentally outed by his co-host during a live news discussion.

Ryan Bridge, who was hosting The AM Show, was in the middle of completing a segment about sports collectors’ items when co-host Amanda Gillies asked whether he had a collection of any kind.

Then former cricket player and co-host Mark Richardson made a reference to Bridge’s personal life, quipping: “Ex-boyfriends”.

Bridge then fell into a fit of embarrassed laughter but he then used his platform to open up about his sexuality.

He said: “Yes, it’s true, I’m gay. There we go – it’s out there.”

Later in the broadcast, Bridge continued to address his sexuality and said he didn’t tell the listeners because ‘it’s just not that interesting’.

He continued: “If you caught what was said before, it’s not something I’ve tried to hide.

“It’s something my friends and family have known about for a very long time.

“The reason I haven’t chosen to share it with you at home, with listeners on my radio show is just that, I don’t know, it’s just not that interesting, is it?

“It’s not something I’ve really bothered or care to share with the world or with you at home, but it’s out there, so that is that.” 

Richardson then apologised to his co-host and reaffirmed his respect for him and said he didn’t mean to do it for a ‘comedic moment’ on the show.

“In three years of doing this job, this is as bad as I’ve ever felt,” he said. 

“I say a lot of stuff on this show, and I mean it, and some of it walks the line. I just want to say I’m sorry because I know how you feel about this.

“It’s because obviously I love you so much as a person…  Just me being a smartass and trying to poke fun at you for a comedic moment on the show has led to this, and I’m dreadfully sorry.”