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New Zealand preacher says gays are to blame for deadly earthquake

By Will Stroude

A fundamentalist Christian preacher attributed natural disasters to homosexuality and equal marriage just hours before a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the country, BuzzFeed reports.

Brian Tamaki, of the ultra-conservative Destiny Church, blamed natural disasters on “human sin” during a sermon on Sunday (November 13).

“The Earth can speak,” Tamaki tells the congregation.

“Leviticus says that the Earth convulses under the weight of certain human sin… It spews itself up after a while: that’s natural disasters. Because nature was never created to carry the bondage of our inequity,” he adds.

He continues: “If next year [earthquakes] happen, you know why. Massive earthquakes have already hit in Christchurch [referencing the 2011 Christchurch earthquake which killed 185]. You could have just about predicted that one.

“The churches there [have] allowed all sorts of activity you wouldn’t dare to imagine. If I’m bulldozing your ignorance, good. Because there were churches there that weren’t churches. They were actively involved in homosexual practice, homosexual priests.”

Just hours later an earthquake struck New Zealand’s South Island, killing two people.

A video of his sermon was later uploaded to Facebook with the caption, “As predicted during yesterday morning’s service, the recent natural disasters are a sign that ‘nature was never created to carry the bondage of our iniquity’.”

Tamaki reiterated his beliefs in a blog post published after the quake.

“No other sin in the whole of the Bible has any connection to earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, but Sexual Perversions alone,” he wrote.

Maybe he should do dinner with that UKIP politician who said gay people cause floods?

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