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Neo-Nazi group plaster homophobic posters around Melbourne wishing people ‘Happy Aids Month’

Police are investigating the posters which were placed around a suburb of Melbourne

By Steve Brown

A group of Neo-Nazis posted a series of posters around Melbourne wishing everyone “Happy Aids Month”.

The notoriously homophobic Antipodean Resistance – which describes themselves as ‘Hitler’s Youth’ – plastered the posters around one of the inner suburbs of Melbourne, which has the highest LGBT population in the Australian City.

The disgusting and insensitive posters read: “Happy Aids Month” and features a sickly looking man holding a placard which reads: “What are you doing about A.I.D.S?”.

Over a Pride flag, the posters cite that gay men make up the majority of STI and HIV cases and concludes with: “Gays are a walking disease”.

The Antipodean Resistance logo is at the bottom of the poster.

Janet Rice, Federal Greens Senator who lives in Melbourne, told Gay Star News: “These homophobic posters along Chapel Street are appalling.

“Our city is one of inclusion and should be a place where everyone feels safe to be who they are. It just goes to show how far we still have to go in the fight for equality.”

Police are now reportedly investigating the posters which started to appear on Monday (June 25) during Pride Month.