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Music videos to get rated like films?

By Josh Haggis


The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has announced plans to trial a system that will bring age ratings to the music videos that we watch online.

Videos from the likes of Beyonce and Robbie Williams are already being reviewed, and were submitted on a voluntary basis by their record companies.

The BBFC’s assistant director David Austin told The Guardian: “The classification of a music video will take account of any elements which are of concern to parents, including glamorisation of behaviour which they consider inappropriate.”

The BBFC are now working alongside Google and the British Phonographic Industry in order to see how well the system could work. “Google has said that if we start to age-rate videos, they will carry the BBFC age rating,” Austin added. “They’ve also said they will look at the possibility of parental controls in relation to age rating.”

Is this a little bit “won’t somebody think of the children!” – or do you approve? Let us know what you think.