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Mum calls for teachers to be fired after teasing her 14-year-old son who they believe is gay

The two teachers in Georgia were suspended for two days

By Steve Brown

A mother is calling for two teachers in Georgia to be fired after they teased her son who they believe is gay.

Jean Mott was devastated when her 14-year-old son came home from Shiloh Middle School in tears back in December after he was bullied by two teachers and subsequently his peers.

After being absent from school, when he returned, one teacher reportedly said to him: “Your boyfriend was cheating on you while you were away. Oh, you two make a really good couple.”

Jean told Atlanta TV station WSB that another teacher accused her son of chasing boys around the school.

The other students then picked up the comments and continued to tease him.

Following an investigation, the two teachers were temporarily suspended for just two days, but Jean believes they should be fired for their actions.

When she confronted the teachers, they refused to give her an answer.

She said: “I cannot allow these teachers to go out and do this to anybody else’s child.

“They initiated the bullying. As a result, my son has been bullied by his peers, and it’s something he’ll never live down.”