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Minnesota man arrested for responding to 14-year-old’s Grindr profile

The 20-year-old claims he thought the teen was over 16

By Fabio Crispim

A Minnesota man has reportedly been arrested for responding to a 14-year-old’s Grindr profile. 

Efram Ciavarelli, 20, contacted the unnamed 14-year-old boy and arranged to meet with him on the gay dating app, KIMT3 reports. 

The 20-year-old man allegedly went to the underage boy’s home in Rochester, Minnesota, and had sex with him, but has now claimed he thought the boy was over 16, the legal age of consent in Minnesota. 

According to police, Ciavarelli’s encounter with the underage teen was interrupted when two other youths spotted a strange vehicle outside the 14-year-old’s home.

They took a picture of Ciavarelli’s license plate and grabbed a knife before going downstairs to the basement bedroom where they found an older naked man.

The youths contacted police as Ciavarelli left the teen’s home. He was later arrested after police found him in his car nearby.

Ciavarelli has been charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct and solicitation of a child through electronic communication. In addition, he also faces charges relating to the possession of child pornography.