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Michael Sam: ‘I get criticised for dating a white guy’

By Josh Haggis

Michael Sam has revealed that he regularly faces criticism for having a white boyfriend.

Sam and his partner Vito Cammisano got engaged in Rome earlier this year (January) while enjoying a romantic trip around Europe. Find out more here.


Sam – who became the first openly gay NFL star when he was signed to the St Louis Rams last year, before later being dropped by the club – met Cammisano at the University of Missouri, and later credited this partner for his decision to come out publicly.

In a new interview, the American football star has explained that people have questioned his decision to not date another gay man of the same race.

“My fiance gave me the strength [to come out],” Sam told the The Quinnipiac Chronicle. “The challenge I get now is, why are you not dating a gay black guy? Why are you dating a white guy?”

“Why would I do that. Why would I leave someone I fell in love with and have been through so many challenges with,” he added.

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