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Martyn Hett’s mother calls for bag checks and metal detectors to be mandatory at public venues

Last year, the PR manager and 21 others were tragically killed at the horrific Manchester bombing

By Steve Brown

Martyn Hett’s mother has called for making bag checks and metal detectors mandatory at large public venues.

Last year, the PR manager and former Attitude contributor was tragically killed – along with 21 others – at the horrific Manchester Arena bombing after an Ariana Grande concert.

There was an outpouring of grief around the world following the shocking incident, and as details of the victims emerged, Martyn’s incredible personality quickly began to touch the hearts of people far and wide.

Now, Figen Murray – Martyn’s mother – recently went to a concert and was shocked to find that nobody checked her bag or tickets.

Figen decided to set up a petition calling for metal detectors, bag searches and obligatory safety measures to become mandatory at all public venues.

On the petition, Figen wrote: “My son Martyn Hett was one of the 22 people murdered in May 2017 at the Manchester Arena whilst attending a concert.

“I wrongly assumed that since this tragedy event organisers have significantly increased security checks.

“I was at a concert last week and nobody checked tickets or bags.

“I put my story on twitter and appeared on BBC radio Manchester. The response of people indicates that up and down the country security checks are very patchy.

“Some places do checks, some have metal detectors, some open doors at the interval for smokers, but then anyone can walk in from the street.

“There are some good examples too, but on the whole there is a feeling of unease about lack of security.

“This needs to be standardised as a legal (Martyn’s Law?) obligation, not a discretionary choice.”