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Man who was jailed for life after murdering a gay man in 1999 has been stabbed to death

Steven Mullins was attacked by inmate Christopher Jones and died two days later

By Steve Brown

A man who was jailed for life after killing a gay man in 1999 has been stabbed to death.

Steven Mullins was serving a life sentence in Alabama after slitting the throat of Billy Gaither before bludgeoning him with an axe handle and setting him on fire back in 1999.

In his police confession, Mullins said he knew his victim from seeing him at a local nightclub and vowed to ‘get rid of him… because he was a f****t’.

His co-defendant Charles Butler claimed Mullins had killed Gaither because he had propositioned him, citing the gay panic defence.

Both men were found guilty at the time.

But now, just days after the 20th anniversary of the murder of Gaither, fellow inmate Christopher Jones – who is serving time for murdering five people in 2008 – attacked Mullins who died two days later in hospital.

According the Birmingham News, the Alabama Department of Corrections is filing murder charges against Jones.