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Man who threatened to blow up Starbucks after gay barista served him jailed for nine months

Vincent O'Sullivan lashed out after the barista tried to make smalltalk while preparing his drink

By Steve Brown

A man who threatened to blow up a grocery store after a gay barista served him has been jailed for nine months and three years’ probation.

Vincent O’Sullivan, from Guerneville, California, was served a drink in Starbucks, and when the barista, Hank Dixon Myers, tried to make small talk, O’Sullivan reportedly lost it and started hurling homophobic slurs and cursing at him.

He then shouted that he was building pipe bombs to blow up the grocery store, the Starbucks, the barista and a sheriff’s office substation.

O’Sullivan was arrested on the same day. This incident comes after he served his four-month jail sentence for continually stealing a rainbow flag from the town plaza.

According to SFGate, O’Sullivan was sentenced to nine months in jail and three years’ probation despite originally being reported that he could faces three to six years in prison.