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Man delivers homophobic and racist rant on plane, is promptly fired by employer

What goes around comes around we guess.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: TMZ

A man who went on a homophobic and racist rant as he was being removed from a plane in the US recently has found out that actions have consequences. 

In video footage, the man who is reported to have bothering his seat neighbour and who admits on video to being “a little intoxicated” while staff try to usher him off the flight, calls passengers and flight attendants alike, “liberal f*****s”. 

The US gossip site, TMZ, has gained footage of the incident, which it reports happened on 30 August on a plane scheduled to fly from Philadelphia to Dallas. 

As the cabin crew tries to help the man search for his bag from the overhead compartments, the man can be heard saying, “Obviously I’m a white male that picked a black bag cos I’m racist,” and that his bag is “a better bag than most of y’all can afford.”

Insisting he didn’t do anything other than be intoxicated he yells, “F*** all y’all!”

As he begin to leave (with his bag) he calls out, “I hope all you liberal f***** f***ing crash the f***king plane.”

He then bizarrely declares, “I’m a chemical engineer,” adding, “I work for GlaxoSmithKline,” a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. He also seems to dare people to “reach out to company”.

Well, that’s what TMZ appears to have done as GSK replied to the site who said: “We immediately conducted an investigation and as of Thursday, he is no longer employed at GSK. The person’s remarks were reprehensible and do not reflect our company culture.”


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