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Man complains that there’s ‘excessive’ nudity in male locker room

The man, from Canada, claims naked men make others 'uncomfortable'

By Joshua Haigh

A man in Canada has made a formal complaint about “excessive nudity” in his pool’s male locker room. 

Norm Waddell, who goes to the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan, British Columbia, has become increasingly unhappy with the amount of naked men walking around the changing rooms after his physiotherapy sessions.

Despite the fact nudity in a locker room is the norm, Waddell said in a complaint made to his local government office: “I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity,” he said, reports NewNowNext

“I have a son who is not comfortable with it either. 

“There are separate cubicals and shower stalls in the change rooms so these men should be made to use them,” he added. 

Waddell’s complaint picked up so much traction that the Mayor of Cowichan, Jon Lefebure, responded and revealed that it’s not the first complaint of its kind his office has receieved. 

However, he insisted that nudity is is essentially just part of the package when you enter a public changing room, and that can’t be changed. 

“People changing from clothes to bathing suits is part of using the pool. For people who are sensitive, we have separate cubicles and showers that they can use by themselves.”

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