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Majority of women support trans people’s rights to self-identify, says survey

A new poll has restored at least a smidgeon of our faith in the human race

By Thomas Stichbury

After a wave of anti-trans rhetoric in the media and online – including from a certain billionaire author, She Who Must Not Be Named – comes some heartening news.

A new survey conducted by YouGov, on behalf of Pink News, has found that the majority of women stand with the transgender community.

In a sample of UK adults, 57 per cent of women supported trans people’s rights to self-identify, compared with 43 per cent of men.

Only 21 per cent of women were against trans people’s rights to self-identify, as opposed to 33 per cent of men.

The full set of results can be found here.

“Transgender and non-binary people know that we are who we say we are,” explains Vic Parsons, Pink News’s gender and identity reporter.

“Public support for self-identification doesn’t change this,” Vic continues. “But it is still somewhat of a relief, given the horrifying levels of anti-trans rhetoric in the media, to see that a clear majority of the public back us continuing to self-identify as who we are without the need for medical evidence of our transness.”

The poll was conducted ahead of next week’s announcement regarding the Conservative government’s plans for the Gender Recognition Act.

Concerns have grown after a leak alleged that Equalities Minister Liz Truss and PM Boris Johnson are set to roll back reforms and make it much more difficult for trans people to transition.