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LM Parfums launch ‘Intimacy Collection’ fragrances

By Ross Semple


LM Parfums have launched a new line of fragrances dubbed ‘The Intimacy Collection’.

Launched in November 2011 by Laurent Mazzone, LM Parfums gets its’ inspiration in the esotericism of religions, giving to the perfume house an inexplicable and dark aspect. In constant contemporary artistic research, its founder also calls upon renowned perfume creator expertise of niche perfumery world. Each fragrance is unique, granting each an outstanding personality, with a powerful sillage and recognisable among so many others. Five collections are available : Eaux de Toilette, Eaux de Parfum, Extraits de Parfum, Intimacy Collection and the Special Edition collection.

The Intimacy Collection is inspired by the deepest emotions, memories and tastes of its’ designer Laurent Mazzone. Each bottle contains a part of the designer’s personality thus sharing his intimacy. The high concentration of these extraits de parfum allows longevity and a fragrance trail to linger defying the test of time.


The dancing flame of the altar candle and the free curl of the burning incense hypnotise you and plunge you into a state of trance and ecstasy. KINGDOM OF DREAMS is a true addiction transporting you to a universe of daydreams and fantasies. Surrender and let yourself be carried to the kingdom of your desires.

The designer Laurent Mazzone took his inspiration from a revelation facing a dying altar candle during a visit in a chapel of his native town in France.

Head notes : black pepper, nutmeg, incense Yemen

Heart notes : cedar Morocco, vetiver Haiti, patchouli

Base notes : amber, muscs

KINGDOM OF DREAMS is available on the LM Parfums website and in all official LM Parfums retailers. RRP 250€ – 100ml.