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LGBT History Month is “Endless propaganda… and a disgrace to Oxford,” says Oxford alumna

By Samuel McManus

Oxford alumna Dr Julia Gasper has tweeted her outrage at he Bodleian Library for posting a photo promoting LGBT History Month.

Celebrating LGBT History Month, which takes place every February in the UK, The Bodleian Social Science Library – which is the second largest library int he UK – tweeted a photo of its LGBT History Books, Gay Star News reports.

The Somerville College graduate replied to the library’s tweet, expressing her outrage for the celebration.

“Oh no, not more of this endless propaganda. I will unfollow you. This is a disgrace to Oxford,” she began.

The tweets continued, “Universities are for objective research and debate, not ‘celebrating’ or pushing one agenda.”

Dr Gasper ended her rant with: “This unsavoury paedophile movement should have no publicity or promotion from any university.”

Gasper has a history of homophobia, being denounced by UKIP in 2012 for posting homophobic and transphobic comments online.