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LGBT Foundation call for Boris Johnson and his government to ‘Get Equality Done’

"The road to equality is not over yet."

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

The LGBT Foundation has called for Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government to ‘Get Equality Done’.

Following the general election yesterday (December 12), the Conservative Party won a landslide victory and saw the Labour Party have its lowest number of votes since 1935.

The Conservative Party has a history of anti-LGBTQ stances including implementing the homophobic Section 28 under Margaret Thatcher’s government.

Even the Prime Minister has a history of previous homophobic comments.

And following the victory, the LGBT Foundation – a national charity delivering advice, support and information services to the LGBT community – has called on the government to ‘get equality done’.

In a statement, the charity said: “This morning, the Prime Minister offered his commitment to lead a people’s government, for the entire country. 

“This must include a guarantee to protect and extend the rights of LGBT people, and a commitment to deliver a safe, healthy and equal future for our communities.

“This election has been dominated by Brexit, but we are clear- the time has come to Get EQUALITY Done.

“The hard-won rights of LGBT communities must never be taken for granted- there is still much to do and further to go. The road to equality is not over yet. 

“We urge the Prime Minister to continue the work of his previous government by implementing the outstanding recommendations in the Government LGBT Action Plan, getting on with reforming the outdated Gender Recognition Act, and ending the discrimination and inequality that so many LGBT people still face. 

“Earlier this week, LGBT organisations, community leaders and equality campaigners came together to send a clear message to whoever forms the next government that it is time to unite the country and politicians from all parties behind LGBT equality.

“Now is the time to Get EQUALITY Done.

“Over the next five years the Government’s vision for our society must be one which recognises and champions the needs of LGBT people.

“This must include those most at risk of discrimination, the most marginalised and the most vulnerable. No LGBT person can be left behind. 

“We urge the Prime Minister to unite his government behind LGBT equality, challenge prejudice, and listen, and respond to, the voices of LGBT communities. Together, we must #GetEQUALITYdone.”