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LGBT activist Bisi Alimi urges Nigerian women to move on if their husband is gay

The activist was forced to flee Nigeria and was granted asylum in the UK back in 2009

By Steve Brown

LGBT activist Bisi Alimi has urged Nigerian women to “pack your bag and move on” if their husband loves men.

Alimi lived life as a closeted gay man on the weekdays but would party in the underground gay scene of the country on the weekends but when he rose to fame on a popular Nigerian soap in 2003, he started gathering media attention.

His love life became a topic of many news agencies and he made history by coming out of the closet publicly on TV – making him the first Nigerian to do so.

After fleeing Nigeria after a number of death threats, he made a name for himself as a gay rights activist, public speaker and advocate for HIV and male sexual health.

He was granted asylum in the UK back in 2009 and now lives with his husband and son.

And now in a recent Instagram post, the activist posted a screenshot of a thread about a woman who is unable to move on after finding out her husband is gay, but Alimi urges women to move on.

He captioned the image: “Stop press!

“Dear women, I have said t before and I will say it again, if the man you are with loves men, pack your bag and move on.

“There is nothing you can do to stop a man who loves men from loving men. Staying around will make you sad and make your life hell.

“This is a special message to Nigerian women, stop trying to make a marriage work with a gay man, no matter what he promised you, he will always go looking for the companionship of a man, and that’s the reality.

“Same goes for men who are married to women who love women.”