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Lanzarote teacher fired after revealing gay marriage

By Sam Rigby


A gay teacher in Lanzarote has been fired after entering into a same-sex marriage.

Alberto González Delgado – who works as a Religious Studies teacher in two secondary schools on the Canary Island – married his husband back in December 2012.

He wrote a letter to his local bishop explaining the situation as he thought it was important “for reasons of transparency”.

In a letter to newspaper El País following his dismissal, Delgado wrote: “I married a man in 2012. This wouldn’t be of any importance if it wasn’t for the fact that I work as a religion teacher in two public secondary schools in Lanzarote.

“At the end of the year I got married, I thought it was opportune, for reasons of transparency, that I reveal my status to the bishop.”

The bishop initially had no problem with Delgado’s letter and he continued in his role at both secondary schools, but the letter was later made public, and he was dismissed from both positions.

Delgado said that he is unsurprised with the decision given the fact his lifestyle is in conflict with the church.

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