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Labour’s MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who is living with HIV, keeps seat in Brighton Kemptown

The politician revealed his HIV status last year while speaking in Parliament

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Labour’s Lloyd Russell-Moyle – who is living with HIV – wins his seat in the UK general election.

Russell-Moyle – who was first elected as MP for Brighton Kemptown back in 2017 – beat off challenges from Tory candidate Joe Miller in the seat with 25,033 votes to Miller’s 16,972.

Last year, the openly gay MP publicly revealed he has been living with HIV for 10 years and called for others to get tested ahead of HIV and World Aids Day.

He said: “The disease is still deeply misunderstood. Etched into much of the public’s memory as a death sentence, HIV conjures images of gravestones and a life marked by tragedy.

“The reality is that today, the prognosis is wildly different to what it was when it was bought to the public’s attention.

“If treated, someone who is HIV positive, like myself, can expect to live a long and full life with little to no side-effects from the drugs regime.

“I hope that my coming out serves to defy the stigma around the disease. I hope that more people will understand that effective treatment keeps people who are HIV positive healthy, and it protects their partners.”

It is believed his re-election marks the first time a politician has won an election after revealing their HIV status.