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Joan Collins: I did not like the idea of becoming a woman

The iconic 'Dynasty' actress opened up about not liking the idea of becoming a woman

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Joan Collins has revealed she had a ‘potential transgender moment’ when she was a teenager.

The iconic actress is best known for her glamorous role in Dynasty but in her recent column in Spectator, she opened up about going through a ‘tomboy’ stage as she hated the idea of “becoming a woman”.

She starts by recalling a conversation she had with a young teenager and said: “Watching a popular dance show on TV alongside a young female person [is that OK?], I referred to a woman [can I say that?] who was performing rather badly as ‘the girl in the pink dress’.”

“‘You can’t say that’, the teenager squeaked indignantly. ‘It’s sexist and incorrect’. ‘What should I say?’ I asked. ‘The individual in the pink dress’, she replied. ‘We can’t assume how she identifies’.”

The actresses then continued: “This reminded me of my own potential transgender moment.

“At 15, I decided I did not like the idea of becoming a woman and started on a ‘tomboy’ stage. I eschewed my mother’s girdles, suspender belts and slips, and adopted my father’s corduroy slacks and loose shirts.

“I also took to accompanying him to Arsenal games, where I would wave my ratchet furiously.

“Luckily this all stopped a few months later when I was accepted at Rada and discovered the joy of boys (wait, can I say that?)”