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Israel Folau considering ‘all potential avenues’ after being fired by Rugby Australia

The Australian rugby player says it was his ‘duty as a Christian to share God's word’

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Israel Folau is considering all ‘potential avenues’ after being fired by Rugby Australia.

One of the highest paid Australian rugby player was recently fired by Rugby Australia following a number of homophobic posts on Instagram – his most recent post said all gay people will go to Hell.

Despite the devout Christian defending his comments, last week he was officially fired by the organisation and he claimed it was his ‘duty as a Christian to share God’s word’.

Now, Folau has said he still has ‘a lot of rugby’ left in him and says he knows the decision by Rugby Australia was ‘substantial’.

He said: “I believe I still have a lot of rugby left in me and the potential impact of Rugby Australia’s decision on my reputation and my career is substantial.

“Ultimately, I need to do what is best for me family, my teammates and the fans, so I am considering all potential avenues open to me.”