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Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar wants Brexit breakthrough so he can see Cher in concert

The out PM is due to see the iconic singer in concert on November 1

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar wants Brexit to happen on October 31 so he can enjoy Cher’s concert the day after.

Mr Varadkar, who became Ireland’s first out leader following his election in 2017, is known for his taste in gay musical icons after a story emerged he sent Kylie a letter and got a photograph with her.

And now, he is continuing his determination to tick off seeing another gay icon – none other than Cher, who is currently on a worldwide tour.

However, the concert in Dublin is set to take place on November 1 – the day after the crucial deciding on Brexit.

And while at a Fine Gael dinner in Co Cork recently, the Prime Minister told one of the guests his excitement about the concert and how he wants a Brexit breakthrough so he wouldn’t miss the concert.

The source told the Irish Mirror: “The Taoiseach was clearly giddy to tell us about the Cher gig.

“Leo was in good form before the Fine Gael dinner at the bar and we were chatting about how tiring Brexit had been over the last few months and how much we were just dying for it to be over.

“Leo chipped in then and said he knew how we felt and that he really wanted Boris [Johnson] to get the deal done by October 31.

“We were wondering for a second why he was so keen but then he told us it was because he had tickets for the Cher gig in The Point [the old name for the 3Arena] and that he wanted to enjoy that without worrying about Brexit.

“He must be a really big fan.”

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