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Indonesian city plans to fine gay and transgender people for disturbing ‘public order’

The city of Pariaman passed the new anti-LGBT regulation

By Steve Brown

An Indonesian city has passed a law to start fining gay and transgender people for disturbing “public order”.

The city of Pariaman, on Sumatra island, passed the new regulation – which will see gay and transgender people fined 1m rupiah ($70) – banning “acts that are considered LGBT”, the Guardian reported.

With a rise in discrimination against the Muslim-majority nation’s LGBT community, the new legislation forbids “immoral acts” between same-sex couples and stops people “acting as a transvestite”.

Fitri Nora, head of the local legislature, said: “Same-sex LGBT and transgender people will be subject to sanctions and fines if they disturb the public order.”

Although homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, many anti-LGBT demonstrations have taken place in several cities across the country.

Governor Irwan Prayitno added: “At a minimum, we’re trying to prevent the population from increasing.”